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How isolated is Belarus? Analysis of consular statistics of the Schengen states in 2007-2011
In December of 2007, several countries of the ‘new Europe’, including all the EU member states, neighbouring Belarus on the west (Latvia, Lithuania and Poland), joined the Schengen area.
Yeliseyeu Andrei BISS
Public Opinion Poll. Belarus and the Eastern Partnership: National and European Values
The poll was conducted by a multi-tiered random sample (1000 respondents),which was representative for population (urban and rural) of the country aged 18+, stratified by ethnic origine, render, region, age and educational level.
Korosteleva Elena OEEC
Displeasure with paternalistic state does not give birth to protest
In 2015, the crisis in the Belarusian economy, is likely to be strengthened, which will force the paternalistic state to reduce the amount of their social obligations.

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IT country: synchronization of social and technical development

The researcher has fixed a radical gap between the old era and the "era of innovation" (the name is conditional and not claiming to be conceptual and exact). The gap is characterized by 1).

Belarus and Kazakhstan: Regime durability, claims for legitimacy and external influence

Belarus shares some features of non-competitive authoritarian regimes but is closer to being a competitive authoritarian regime. The cult of personality is much less present in Belarus than in Kazakhstan.

Social entrepreneurship as a possible alternative to a social contract

Social entrepreneurship as a concept is absent in the Belarusian legislation. However, the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in the country gradually increases the importance of the introduction of this concept to the agenda

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